I am new

From Leader Pastor: Rev. Tonny Kiamah

Hello and welcome to our church website, it’s always a real joy for us to meet and have new members in our church family. Here you will find useful information about our belief. Our mission is to :

REACH people for Christ
REFRESH believers by the word of God
REFINE believers for good works
RELEASE believers to transform the world.

Please join our church and start a new life.


First Service Main Sanctuary 6:00am – 7:00am
Second Service Main Sanctuary 7:00am – 8:20am
ThirdService Main Sanctuary 9:00am – 10:20am
Fourth Service Main Sanctuary 11:00am – 12:20pm
Youth Service Youth Sanctuary 11:00am – 12:20pm
Teens Service Teens Sanctuary 11:00am – 12:20pm
Children’s Service Online 10:00am – 11:20am

Our Location

Benefits of Church Membership

  1. Join and participate in ministry.
  2. Support for social events and relief funds for members.
  3. Free Pastoral visitation  and immediate both home and hospital.
  4. Baby Dedication.
  5. Enjoy special discounted rates for the use of church facilities for private events.
  6. Support during bereavement, distress, illness and other catastrophes.
  7. Participation and Voting at Church Annual General Meeting.
  8. Issuance of a card as proof of membership.
  9. Issuance of letters of recommendations as may be required.
  10. Eligibility for appointment or election into leadership position within the Church.
  11. Accountability within the Body of Christ.
  12. Sense of belonging to a community.