The River of God Church

ROG Salt and Light

(Youth and Teens Ministry)

We are a group of young, lively and energetic people, unashamed of the gospel, and desirous to serve as a representation of God’s love (Romance 1:16).

The river of God Church youths are called ‘Broken Jars’. The name connotes that they have weaknesses and therefore are still in the need of the porter to put them back together. Though we are broken and scarred we yearn for God’s guidance in our lives and to be molded by Him into vessels that can be used to reach out to our generation.


  1. Youth-specific service every Sunday
  2.  Bi-monthly prayer vigil (Burning the Midnight Oil – BMO)
  3. Stretch
  4. Missions
  5. Camps
  6. Sleep Overs
  7. Movie Nights
  8. Dinners and Lunches
  9. Picnic and Hikes

Stretch is an annual race organized by Broken Jars.
It includes pit shops, clues that need to be figured out and challenges to be conquered!The race is called stretch as it reflects our Christian walk. When we endure through our challenges and fellowship with other Christians, we push through and run the good race through the strength provided to us by Christ Jesus.