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It’s said that silence in the face of evil is evil itself. Not to speak is to speak & not to act is to act. Today, I have been pondering on the current state of affairs in our society and how things have been going south, more specifically with the recent murders. I’ve been following these stories very closely but today the Lord rebuked me and asked me,what have you done about it? Then as if to argue with Him, I responded, what would I have done? To my amazement, the answer was simple, “you have been talking about it, sometimes passing judgement but you’ve never taken time to pray about it.” I was astonished! I asked God to forgive me and I rem while at the traffic in a matatu, I mentioned the names of all those I could remember, those who have been implicated in one way or the other. I asked that the fear of God would come and grip their hearts and cause them to turn from their ways and follow Christ. Of course, they will still face the consequences of their actions, but for sure, their souls will be saved at the end of time and their testimony will probably lead many other people to salvation.

Afterwards I felt great relief and thanked God. Now, this might sound absurd but let me bring the point closer home. God says in His Word that in the last days evil will increase. Basically, what we know is that things won’t get any better. We have our siblings,family, children(or aspiring to have) etc. Let me use the children. Our kids or kids to be will be born to this merciless, cruel, world. If things are bad now, they will be worse in years to come. Wait until the day that such kind of an evil hits your child(GOD FORBID) and that’s when you will realize the relevance of my prayers today.I want to employ each one of you reading this post. The Bible says, “the Just shall live by FAITH.” It doesn’t matter the evil around, the righteous ones will always live because of their Faith in God. Ps 91 speaks about some of the blessings of those who make the Lord their shelter. v7 “Though a thousand fall at your side, though ten thousand are dying around you, these evils will not touch you.” Friends, we have a choice today, to go on our knees for our generation.

Remember, God could have saved Sodom & Gomorrah if He had found just one righteous person. Your prayers and righteousness before God have the potential to turn things around. . You can be the voice that spares your family members from the tragedy that the devil has planned against them.We have a choice to pray that God will preserve them as they come and live in this world that the enemy will not touch them. We have a choice to pray that the fear of the Lord will grip the hearts of men and that perpetrators of evil will come to the saving knowledge of Christ. Friends, we have a choice. You have a choice to panic,complain,fear etc but you also have a choice to pray and make a difference. Prayer works. I employ you to spare some moments and pray for these issues and other issues surrounding your life. James 5:16[NLT], “The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results.”

Make the right choice!

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