Young Adults (ALIVE) Ministry


Adult Lives and Visions Empowered (ALIVE) is a ministry targetingthe young adults and professionals in River of God Church. In ALIVE, the young adults and professionals find a platform to engage, learn, share and encourage each other spiritually,socially, and economically. ALIVE Ministry is the next step once a member graduates from Youth Aflame ministry.


ALIVE Ministry is tailor-made to minister to the needs of all post university/college members of ROG,whether employed or job searching. It is open to both the single and newly married members of the church who fit within this demographic.


  • To be a platform to engage, learn and share
  • To be an avenue for personal and spiritual development
  • To harness and optimize the synergy available based on the skills, abilities and talents of members
  • To equip members with the tools to safely navigate through the challenges of singlehood and settle down in working enjoyable marriages
  • To be a readily pool of youthful, energetic resource at the Church’s disposal
  • To provide necessary social welfare support for members and their Families through life’s transitions


ALIVE aims to minister to the whole person and is anchored on the following Pillars;
  • Personal Development
  • Spiritual growth
  • Social engagement
  • Networking and economic empowerment
  • Charity /welfare


  1. Annual Retreats/ Camp
  2. Friday Worship Experience
  3. Picnics, Home visit and cook outs
  4. Excursions- Mountain Hikes
  5. Sunday Meetings
  6. Hospital visitations
  7. Mercy missions