Ministry Men

What is Men’s ministry about?

The Men’s Ministry river of God Church, Parklands has grown to be a very active and well-attended Christ-centered fellowship, ministry and mission outreach. We have become a vibrant ‘’ministry to men’’ and a ‘’ministry by men’’ . the focus of this strategic and operational manual is aimed at providing guidelines on discipleship, building strong Christ-centered trusting relationships while addressing the needs of men in maintaining and improving their walk with God. Monthly prayer breakfasts, small study/sharing groups, mentorship programs, local and overseas work trips, group outings and activities and special men’s conferences are some of the ways that men will be involved in this dynamic ministry.

Men who desire to live godly lives must devote time and energy to knowing their father and each other. As Christian men, we must choose to associate and fellowship with other Christian men who will support, encourage, challenge and strengthen us. Men need other men of god to help develop god-like characters in their lives as Proverbs 27:17says, “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another .’’(ESV)“Men who have grown in their faith are more willing and able to server Christ,’’ – Richard Branson, executive director for North Carolina Baptist Men. Most local churches operate with an event-based strategy in their ministries for men. Most have approached and tried to reach men through breakfasts, work projects, retreats, golf outings and stadium events.All of these are important for ministry. they should not be an end in themselves but rather a means to an end which in this case is being Christ’s disciples. Men today are hurting. Most men are struggling to balance career, marriage, family, church and community responsibilities. they live with confusing messages that do not support authentic biblical manhood. Many are living a life of conventional manhood that settles for less.Jesus said, “go and make disciples” Mathew 28:19 (NIV) yet we continue to make workers. We ask men to do yet we should ask men to be. That strategy lasts for a little while, but Jesus was right . in order to get workers, (doers of the word), we need to disciple men to be followers.