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In 1st Samuel 23: 1-4, David receives news that the country of Keilah was under attack from the Philistine army. The Philistine army had maliciously attacked and overpowered Keilah and as a result, they stated looting Keilah’s threshing floors. Therefore, David did what every Christian believer does, or should do, when they are under an attack from the enemy; he prayed and inquired of the Lord. In Vs 2, he asks the Lord, “shall I go and attack these philistines?” and the Lord answered him and said, “Go, attack the philistines and save Keilah.”

Therefore, David, full of zeal went and told the 400 men, who had joined him in exile, what the Lord had just confirmed to him, the victory that they would receive after they went on a rescue mission to save Keilah from the hand of the Philistine army. The men were so griped by fear of the “new mission” that David had told them about that they decided to voice their concern regarding the danger they faced.

Unfortunately, they got David’s attention. In Vs 4, David goes back to the Lord to inquire a second time if He really was going to give them victory if they went up against the philistine army.

You see, David only needed a doubtful voice to reach his ear for his faith to be waivered.

As believers, we always fall victim to this kind of situation. God, by His grace and love for us, does speak to us through His word, His servants and even in prayer. He more often than not assures us that we are covered, protected, blessed, healed and even accepted. Sadly, the people whom we have allowed to be around us, can sometimes be used of the enemy to bring doubt and crush the faith that enables us to trust in what God has said about us or to us.

It is good we allow around us friends who will constantly uplift our faith and help us grow in our Christian salvation and relationship with God, rather than have them take us away from God and away from Gods promises and blessings.

Pastor John Hinga.

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